We’ve perfected the art of discovering your brand story and how to tell it.

Don’t worry, a brand audit won’t feel like a trip to the dentist. Our brand articulation process is designed to capture your brand’s essence and communicate it in ways ordinary people will easily understand. After all, people do business with companies they like.

We start by interviewing you about your business, your customers, your successes, and (dare we say it) your not-so-successes. Through that process, we develop insights into the environment your company operates in. We also give you a few simple exercises to help you articulate the unspoken qualities that make your company unique and successful.
Brand Articulation
Your brand story is a strategic weapon. Think of this process as an instruction manual. We parse out the noise and get to the heart of what’s needed to stand out, attract attention, and have others seek your association. We sum it up in an easy-to-follow prescription. Once we’ve laid it out, the response is invariably, “Wow, that’s so us!”

Dressed for Success
We communicate who we are through our outward appearance. So, when it comes time to tell your business’ story, we do it in context. We show you functional elements like website pages and ads. While you may not know how to express these intangibles yourself, you’ll see them come to life in a very tangible way.