Digital Marketing Services

Technology has grown to become an inextricable part of what we do. We think that’s great news for advertisers. It’s added a level of sophistication and accountability to our efforts. It’s lowered the overall cost of reaching consumers, and it’s allowed our digital services to be more efficient and effective in our quest to help clients grow.

At East Bank, we built our first website in 1996. In the ensuing 20+ years, we’ve seen technology grow to become so ubiquitous as to make a special distinction for “digital marketing” seem irrelevant. Yet so many agencies still do.

At East Bank, we’re one of the few marketing agencies in Portland that have successfully merged the use of technology with a classic approach to advertising and marketing. We specialize in helping companies transform and modernize their advertising and marketing efforts to take full advantage of the digital landscape. We leverage our considerable experience, skill, and vision to help you build and execute a digital marketing plan that’s right for your business.

Website Development

iNet Development


Local Search Optimization

Social Media

Search Engine (PPC) Advertising

Digital Display, Video, and Streaming Audio Advertising