Where We’ve Been

East Bank Communications is a Portland marketing and advertising agency founded in 1976 as JK Advertising. At the time, there were three networks, one newspaper and a handful of radio stations. In those early years, we built our business by growing The Red Lion Hotel chain into one of the Northwest’s premier brands. The late 90’s brought exponential advances in technology. We saw the advent of computer-aided design, the rise of the Internet, and the development of mobile technologies. As a pioneer in digital marketing in Portland, we built our first website in 1996, and have since completed scores of web-related projects. In 2009, East Bank was one of the first Northwest ad agencies to adopt programmatic marketing and by 2012 we had successfully integrated digital ad technologies into successful campaigns for retail, manufacturing and service clients. It’s allowed us to increase exposure and reach while at the same time offering significant savings on media.

Where We Are

Today, East Bank combines the traditional disciplines of a brand-building marketing firm with sophisticated, cutting edge ad delivery technology. Through a combination of messaging that resonates with audiences and sophisticated digital media delivery we help build relevant, successful brands, and in doing so, increase our clients’ sales and company valuations.

Where We’re Going

No one can predict the future, but we’ll continually stay one step ahead of trends and technology to make sure our clients continue to remain relevant, to grow, and to prosper.